How can I add content to the browser in Carrara?

In Carrara, the content typically needs to be manually added to the browser.  The readme gives the locations of the content.  Once the content is added, it will stay in the browser for the next time you use Carrara.

The following instructions assume that you have used Carrara 6 Pro itself as the target folder during the installation of the content product.  If you have used a different folder as the target (content, presets, etc.), then you may want to uninstall the content and rerun to just the Carrara 6 Pro folder itself.  Otherwise, you will not find the content items in the locations provided by the readme.

To add the content to your browser in Carrara, do the following.  Select the Browser in Carrara. Choose the tab (Scene, Object, Shader).  Now find the dark paper icon with the corner folder.  This icon is in the upper right corner of the browser.  When you click on this icon, you will see a pop-up menu.  Click on the choice for 'Add Folder.'

A new window will appear.  Browse to the folder for the content you wish to see in the browser.  For example, the readme for Replicator Grass explains that you can find "Scenes: "Scenes," "UserScenes".  Browse to:

Applications\Carrara 6 Pro\Content\Scenes\UserScenes

C:\Program Files\DAZ\Carrara 6 Pro\Content\Scenes\UserScenes

Select the UserScenes folder and then click 'OK.'

Now you should be able to see a new folder and one or more icons appear in the browser for this part of the content.  Continue this procedure with the other items in the product as indicated in the readme for the product.  In some cases, you will be asked to specify whether it is Objects, Terrains, Clouds, Particles, Plants, and so forth.  Choose the selection that is most appropriate for the content you are indicating in the Browser Tab.

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