How do I use Mimic Pro for Carrara?

The DMC (DAZ MIMIC CONFIGURATION) files tells Mimic what articulations (mouth movements) in the figure correspond to what visemes. Without it, Mimic doesn't know how V4 should make the 'o' sound.

Each of the major figures has a DMC file.  The following explains how to set up a basic lipsync in Mimic Pro for Carrara Plugin with Victoria 4.2.  You can use the same steps for any figure with a .dmc file.

LOAD DMC File for the Figure
For V4, this is the dmc file to use: Victoria4.dmc

In Carrara, load Victoria 4.2 into the scene.

With Victoria 4.2 selected, find the 'Mimic' tab in the upper right corner (Assemble Room).

'Select the Mimic Tab.'

Click on 'Load DMC File.'

Browse to the dmc file for Victoria 4.2:  Victoria4.dmc

You can find this in a folder called 'Configuration Files' in 'Mimic Content.'

Once you have the correct dmc loaded for the figure you're using, you can move onto the lipsync part.

Go to the sounds tab (in the lower right). Click 'Add.' Browse to 'Evaluation Sounds'. Inside the folder, select and load a .wav file (audio file).

Now select the Sequencer Tab (in the lower left). Scroll down until you see the part with 'Soundtrack.' Drag and drop the audio file icon from the 'Sounds' Tab into the Soundtrack where you should see the little wave file appear.

Now it will be available in the scene.

Then you'll want to go back to the Mimic Tab. Click on 'Create Lip Sync.'

In the new window, checkmark 'Use Scene Sound.' Click on the dropdown and choose the wave file you added. Leave the other settings on the default in this window and then click 'OK.'

You've just created a lipsync. Click the play arrow on the animate tool (Sequence Tab)  to see a preview of the lipsync."

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