What's the difference between Universal and Highlight/Contour maps?

Universal maps rely on software manipulation of light sourcing to provide highlights and shadows. This type of map is optimized for all lighting situations, so that the 3D lights can provide the color, shadow, specularity, reflection, etc. without the 2D map's characteristics getting in the way. This type of map is a good idea for very specific lighting setups and is a must for animation purposes.Highlight/Contour maps include soft and centered highlights, and are designed to work in environments with general light sources where the software isn't adding the desired highlight and shadow. This approach can provide very realistic renders in certain environments, but characteristics of lighting (such as direction, color and diffusion) on both maps and environment should be considered. Many people prefers this type of map for use with render engines that cannot achieve the type of highlights found in Highlight/Contour maps. Software with more sophisticated render engines and material options will more effectively assign the nessary attributes to achieve these effects.

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