What 3D Object File Formats can Bryce Import?

3D Studio Max Object File (.3ds)
3D Studio Project File (.prj)
3DMF (ASCII) Files (.t3d)
3DMF (Binary) Files (.3mf)
3DMF (Binary) Files (.b3d)
AutoCAD DXF (.dxf)
Direct3D Files (.x)
FBX SDK Import (.fbx)
FBX SDK import COLLADA (.dae)
LightWave Object Files (.lwo)
LightWave Scene Files (.lws)
PGM Files (.pgm)
RayShade HF Files (.hf)
SketchUp Files (.dae)
Test Files (.tst)
TrueSpace Object Files (.cob)
TrueSpace Scene Files (.scn)
USGS DEM/SDTS Files (.ddf)
USGS/VistaPro DEM Files (.dem)
VideoScape Files (.vsa)
VRML 1.0 (.wrl)
Wavefront Obj Files (.obj)
WCS Elev Files (.elev)
WorldToolkit NFF Files (.nff) 


Also Note:
Can Bryce import DXF Files?

Importing - Bryce 6 can import objects saved to the following file formats:

  • TrueSpace (.cob) Versions up to 4.0 are supported. Material properties are supported.  
  • VideoScape (.vsa) All versions are fully supported.  
  • VRML1 (.wrl) Imports all properties relevant to Bryce, including camera, light, and surface and material textures. 
  • LightWave (.lwo or .lws) Both objects and scenes are supported. The camera, lights, and all objects (with material information) are imported. Versions 6 and up are not supported.  
  • Heightfield (.hf) Used to import descriptions of heightfields (terrains).  
  • USGS DEM (.dem) All forms of DEM files are supported.  
  • USGS SDTS (.ddf) This format is the new USGS format which will replace DEM files.  
  • Portable Greyscale Map (.pgm) Used to import descriptions of heightfields (terrains).  
  • 3d Studio Objects (.3ds)  
  • 3DMF (.3mf)  
  • AutoCad (.dfx)  
  • Direct 3D (.x)  
  • Wavefront (.obj)  
  • WCS Elev (.elev)  
  • WorldToolKit (.nff)
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