How to Install Bryce 7 Pro using installers from Product Library

The installers for Bryce can be downloaded from 'Product Library' and used to install Bryce 7.1.  The Bryce 7 software is not yet available through the Install Manager. 

This article explains how to download and install Bryce 7 Pro through 'Product Library.'  It is recommended that you read this article completely before you begin.

Bryce 7 Pro is provided as several downloadable installers.  The application installer is one file and the other components are provided as other installers.

After you've purchased Bryce 7 Pro; you can find the installer for the Bryce 7 Pro software in the product library of your account under "Bryce 7", not to be confused with "Bryce 7 Pro" which only lists the Bryce content.

This link will take you directly to the page:

Or you can find it by going to and clicking 'My Account' in the top right of the DAZ 3D website.

Now click 'Product Library' at the top.  In the window in the top left, type in 'Bryce 7' without the quotes.  Press 'Filter' to apply the search.  You should see 'Bryce 7 Pro' appear.

Click on 'Bryce 7 Pro' and you'll see the download options appear to the right.



In the above screen shot, you can see four files to download.  Two are .exe files for use in Windows and two are .zip files for use on the Mac platform.  Make sure to choose the download link that is correct for your platform (Mac or Windows).

The Bryce Lightning file is for rendering a Bryce animation over two or more computers on a network.  If you do not have a network or do not wish to render animations, you don't need the Bryce Lightning installer.  If you do choose to download it, you should install it on another computer connected by network to the computer in which you intend to use Bryce.

The Bryce 7 Pro content installer is used to install the special Pro into Bryce.  Download and save the Bryce 7 Pro content installer.  Do not run it yet, until you've actually installed the Bryce 7 Pro application.  In fact, you should download the installers you're going to use before you actually run.  You may want to save them on your desktop or some other convenient location.

In the above screen shot, you can see a blue box around 'Bryce 7.'  Double-click that box.  Now you should see some other downloads as shown in the screen shot below:


In the second screen shot, just above, you can see four download files, two for the Mac and two for Windows.  The downloads for the Bryce application installer are boxed in blue.   Download the file appropriate for your platform and save it.  The other two installers are for Mac and Windows for additional content.

At this point, you should have downloaded the installer files.  You haven't yet run them.  You just have copies of the installers on your hard drive, perhaps on your desktop for ease of use.

Now that you have the installers, you'll want to look up your Bryce 7 Pro serial number first before you run the application installer.  You can find your serial number for Bryce 7 Pro in your DAZ 3D account in 'My Account' --> 'My Serial Numbers.'  You'll want the serial number handy before you install Bryce 7 Pro application.

Run the installer for Bryce 7 Pro (Mac:, Win: Bryce_7.1.0.109_Win32.exe).  I recommend that you allow the application software to install to the default path.

Once the installation of Bryce 7 Pro (application) is complete, you can run the installers for the Bryce Content and the Bryce Pro content.  If you are asked for a target folder, browse to and select the application folder on your hard drive.

If you are on a Mac, and the Bryce Content and the Bryce Pro content will not launch, you may need to log in as Root Admin.  Then, as Root Admin, try to run the installers again.  Afterwards, remember to log out of being Root Admin.   


You may need to import Bryce content presets into the library in order to use them.  This includes Material (.mat), Bryce Object (.obp), and sky presets (.bsk).  The basic method is the same for all three kinds of presets.





Bryce Lightning is a network rendering client.  If you choose to use to use Bryce Lightning, remember to install it on a different computer connected by network to your 'main' computer.


Bryce User Guide: 

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