What 3D Object File Formats can Bryce Export?

Export an Object Select the terrain or lattice you want to export  Click on the File menu and select Export Object  Choose the drive and folder where you want to save the file  Choose a file format (see below)  Type a filename.  Supported 3D Export Formats:

  • TrueSpace (.cob) Versions up to 4.0 are supported.  
  • VideoScape (.vsa) All versions are fully supported.  
  • VRML1 (.wrl)  
  • LightWave (.lws)  
  • USGS DEM (.dem) All forms of DEM files are supported.  
  • Portable Greyscale Map (.pgm)  
  • 3D Studio Objects (.3ds)  
  • AutoCad (.dxf)  
  • Direct 3D (.x)  
  • Wavefront (.obj)  
  • WorldToolKit (.nff)  
  • Metastream Files (.mts)  

Supported 2D Export Formats (Rendering) Bryce can export your final rendered object to file formats listed above. You can also export a rendered object to the following file formats:

  • Ray Dream Studio (.rds)  
  • RayShade (.hf)  
  • Infini-D 4.0 (.id4)  

Note When you export a file, you save information, such as vertices, smoothed normals, UVs (texture coordinates), and texture maps. Some file formats have limitations. For example, DXF doesn't support smooth normals or UVs. If the file format doesn't support texture embedding, each texture map is written as a separate image at the same location specified for the mesh file. The names of the images will start with the name you specified for the mesh file and include the name of the material. If UV information can't be written, two texture maps are exported: one for the top part, and one for the bottom.


Updated List for Bryce 7 Pro:

3D Studio Object Files .3DS
3D Studio Project Files .prj
3DMF (ASCII) Files .t3d
3DMF (Binary) Files .3mf
3DMF (Binary) Files .b3d
AutoCAD DXF Files .dxf
Direct3D Files .x (Windows only)
FBX SDK Import .fbx
LightWave Object Files .lwo
LightWave Scene Files .lws
PGM Files .pgm
RayShade HF Files .hf
SketchUp Files .dae
Test Files .tst
TrueSpace Object Files .cob
TrueSpace Scene Files .scn
USGS DEM/SDTS Files .ddf
USGS/VistaPro DEM Files .dem
VideoScape Files .vsa
VRML 1.0 Files .wrl
Wavefront OBJ Files .obj
WCS Elev Files .elev
WorldToolKit NFF Files .nff 

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