What 2D File Formats can Bryce Export?

You can export images to the file formats listed below:   

  • Windows Bitmap (.bmp)  
  • JPEG (.jpg)  
  • Photoshop (.psd)  
  • PICT (Mac only)  
  • TIFF (.tif)  

Use one of the following commands to export files. If you need to conserve memory or plan to create a panorama movie, you must use the Render to Disk option.   Choose File menu>Save Image As, then select a file type from the list. Not all file types are supported.  Choose File menu>Export Image, then select a file type from the list.

Bryce uses plug-in filters for both the Export Image and Render to Disk options.  Choose File menu > Render to Disk. This is the best choice if you have created a very large image, because it lets you set the DPI and saves memory.  Export Image and Render to Disk allow you to export to the following additional formats:   

  • HTML (.htm)  
  • QuickTime VR (.mov)

Bitmap .bmp
HDR Image Files .hdr
HTML (Image Map) Files .htm
OpenEXR .exr
Photoshop Files .psd
PNG .png
QuickTime VR Files .mov
TIFF Files .tif

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