How to Install Daz Mimic Pro 3

Mimic Pro 3 is oddly packaged as a simple ZIP file and not an installer.  At this time, it is only supported in Windows.

It is not a content product, so it should be placed into your applications folder in Windows.

First extract the ZIP file. You'll get a folder called 'Content' and a file called Manifest.dsx. You can disregard the file Manifest.dsx.

Open the folder called 'Content.' You'll see several folders like Backgrounds, Configuration_Files, etc., and several files. Press CTRL+A on your keyboard. This will highlight all the files and folders. Now press CTRL+C on the keyboard. This tells Windows to copy the files.

Now you'll need to make some folders. Browse to

c:\Program Files\

If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, then browse to this folder:

c:\Program Files (x86)\

Inside here, look for a folder called 'DAZ'. If you don't see this folder, then create it.

Open the 'DAZ' folder. Create a folder in here called 'Mimic Pro.' Open the 'Mimic Pro' folder. Press CTRL+V on the keyboard. This should paste all the files and folders into the folder. Inside, you'll see the file 'Mimic3.exe.' Double-click this file to launch Mimic and run it.

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