Face Transfer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What platforms support Face Transfer?
    • Face Transfer is available for PC/Windows 64-bit.
  2. Why is there a blue “Daz 3D” Icon on my character’s forehead?
    • Face Transfer comes with 3 free transfers. The icon will disappear when your first three (3) Face Transfer scenes render, after which it will remain present during future renders unless you purchase the unlimited version.
  3. I’ve used my 3 free renders, now the icon doesn’t disappear.
    • Face Transfer Unlimited can be found in the Daz Shop.  If you’ve run out of your free FT renders and still want to use Face Transfer, you can purchase and download it for unlimited Face Transfer renders.
  4. I’ve purchased Face Transfer, where do I find it in Daz Studio?
    • After purchasing and downloading in Daz Install Manager (DIM), open Daz Studio and in the header menu: Windows > Pane > Face Transfer
  5. What characters are compatible with Face Transfer?
    • The compatible character bases are Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male.
  6. How do I get my face on a 3D character?
    • Applying your face to a 3D Model with Face Transfer is simple —  just open Face Transfer, select a character base and upload a clear headshot photo of yourself when prompted.  Then make a scene with a 3D model of you!
  7. I uploaded a picture of myself but the transfer doesn’t look right?
    • We recommend a clear headshot photo without facial hair or heavy makeup so the program can better map to your features.  It is likely you will need to upload a new image to transfer to the model.
  8. Is there a video tutorial for Face Transfer?
    • Yes! It can be found right here.
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