Multiple PayPal Subscriptions

After you purchase a Daz+  membership via PayPal  (whether it be the Quarterly or Annual Payment Plan), it will create a subscription in PayPal. This PayPal subscription will renew every 3 months or every year from the purchase date depending on which membership you have subscribed to. Daz 3D will continue to debit your PayPal account this amount once each quarter or year, up to 5 business days before the membership expiration date in order to continue your Daz+ membership. 

Purchasing another Daz+ membership via PayPal before your current one is expired will cause multiple subscriptions to exist within your PayPal account. It is important to note that purchasing a new Daz+ membership while you have an existing one will not cancel or overwrite your existing membership. That membership will continue to renew and charge you every 3 months or every year from its original purchase date. Having multiple PayPal subscriptions will cause you to be charged multiple times for the Daz+ membership.

If you are going to purchase another Daz+ membership before your current membership has expired, the current subscription will need to be cancelled. This will only prevent you from being charged for that membership again and you will retain your Daz+ benefits until your expiration date. 

If you have multiple subscriptions in PayPal and still want to keep your membership, you will need to go into PayPal and cancel all but one of your subscriptions there. If you would like to cancel your Daz+ membership altogether, refer to the article, "How to I Cancel My Daz+ Membership?"

**Additional Details:
If you have cancelled all of your PayPal subscriptions, you will not be charged again for that membership. If you continue to be charged for your membership, there is still an existing subscription in PayPal that needs to be cancelled. 

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