How to update your Daz Studio Default Resources package (DIM or Daz Central) to 4.15+

In order to access our new skin shader for Genesis 8.1 character(s), a required update is necessary for Daz Studio. Refer to the instructions below on how to update DIM and Daz Central to our newest version. 

Daz Install Manager (DIM):

Step 1: Select the box next to “Daz Studio 4.15 (Win 64-bit) Public Build +Beta+”


Step 2: Select the green “Start Queue” button, located at the bottom of the page.


Daz Central: 

To update Daz Central, refer to our page. Select the blue button “Download Update,” which is located at the top, middle and bottom of the page. 

First time users will be taken to the registration page. To complete the registration, you will need to enter in your first and last name, current email address, and a password. The password requires one capital letter and one special character (@,#,$,!). Select the checkbox within the “Captcha” (I’m not a robot). After the registration is complete, follow the prompts to continue with the downloading process for Daz Central. 

User(s) who already have Daz Central will just need to select the blue button “Download Update,” and follow the prompts to continue with the downloading process

**Additional Details:
The above steps are ONLY for the installation/update process for Daz Studio. To use the Genesis 8.1 asset(s), it must be purchased from our Daz3d/shop

Base Genesis 8.1 figures are included in the Genesis 8 Starter Essentials; however, an update is required for the Start essentials to receive this. After the update, customers will only need to purchase the add-ons for the Genesis 8.1 figures.

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