Unity Bridge: Addressing Material Problems

  1. I see seams on my materials against the uv islands.
    1. Reduce the HeightStrength property on the material (if above 0)
    2. Reduce the NormalStrength property on the material (if above 1)
  2. My skin looks too bumpy or isn’t smooth enough
    1. Reduce the HeightStrength property on the material (if above 0)
  3. My hair looks pixelated or staticy
    1. Reduce the AlphaClip property, but be aware it may cause additional problems with lighting
  4. My eyes look hazy or cloudy
    1. Reduce the GlossyRoughness value (if above 0)
  5. The sclera in the eyes looks too dark
    1. Set the Diffuse Multiplier above 1
  6. My textures look washed out or over saturated
    1. It’s possible the texture was marked for gamma when it should be in linear or linear when it should be in gamma, adjust the sRGB setting as appropriate for the texture.
  7. I see artifacts on partially transparent faces with double sidedness
    1. If you can do without rendering both sides, disable dual sided on the material
  8. I see banding on smooth surfaces like skin
    1. Disable Depth Offset on the final Lit node.
  9. My skin has green haloing
    1. Ensure you have the right Diffusion Profile in your shader, and ensure the Diffusion Profile is in the list of the HD Render Pipeline Asset.
    2. If you do have the profile installed correctly, attach the provided diffusion profile to each material that has the green haloing.
  10. Only one side of my material is showing
    1. Enable dual sidedness on the material, under normals make sure it’s mirrored.
  11. I want to use URP or the Builtin Render Pipeline
    1. Currently only the HDRP is supported
  12. My material looks overly shiny or metallic even though it’s not metal
    1. Try setting normals from import to recalculating the normals in the Model importer settings of the fbx
    2. Adjust the height and normal strengths
    3. If coats are used reduce or eliminate them
    4. Adjust the rough or gloss values
  13. My materials look noisy
    1. Reduce the height and/or normal strengths
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