Clothing problems with the Freak 4 in Poser

"In Poser, the base figure's scaling does not transfer well to conforming clothing. This is a known Poser bug. A figure's scaling transfers to conforming clothing perfectly in DAZ Studio in any or all of the three axis of scaling. Scaling the base figure allows for massive body shapes, such as the Freak 4; or figures with custom scaling values, such as extremely tall characters.

The Freak 4 figure includes a dial called 'FreakScaleOn" which when set to zero, removes the built-in scaling of the Freak 4 shape. This allows for conforming clothing to fit on the figure in Poser, but this dial also removes the scaling in the body of the figure. This dial works in DAZ Studio as well, but it is not needed because conforming clothing works with scaled figures in DAZ Studio.

DAZ is working with Smith Micro to find a solution for this bug inside Poser, but it is still present in Poser 8, the latest release of Poser. DAZ Studio 3 and higher is 100% compatible with scaled figures and conforming clothing."

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