Cinema 4D Bridge: How to Use the Daz to Cinema 4D Bridge


Daz to Cinema 4D requires a 2 part process to import using the bridge. In addition, importing can take a few minutes, especially for a large or complex figure. The transfer can also take longer on first time imports.

Daz Studio: 

Step 1: Within Daz Studio open your character.


Step 2: Select the “Scene” tab in the upper right hand corner and highlight the entire character package to be converted to 3ds Max.  


Step 3: Within the top menu toolbar, select “Scripts,” “Bridges”, and then “Daz to Cinema 4D.” 


Cinema 4D

Step 4:  Within Cinema 4D, select “Extensions,”  and then select “DazToC4D” within the drop down menu. A pop up window will appear with the title “DazToC4D.” 


Step 5: Select “Auto-Import,” and processing, the asset will now appear within Cinema 4. 


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