Unreal Bridge: Daz assets that will NOT transfer over with Unreal using the bridge.

  • Strand-based hair will have difficulty transferring
  • Michael and Victoria 4 Content and Genesis 1 Content are not guaranteed to transfer to Unreal using the bridge.  Some Genesis 2 Content may transfer; however, the success of transfer rigging, textures, etc, will vary item by item
  • Environments are not natively supported
  • Assets can not be in groups
  • Instances are not supported
  • Joint Orientation of the skeletons
  • To use animation in Unreal for a Genesis 8 Character, you will need to bring in the default Genesis 8 Male first
  • Using Animation in Unreal
  • Some texture formats are not natively supported, but may be fixed with these steps: Daz to Unreal: Error Importing Texture
  • Unless manually changed, assets will not work without the plugin enabled
  • Not all morphs will transfer correctly and cause issues when retargeting animation but these morphs can be tested individually to see which transfer successfully
  • State of Morphs
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