3ds Max Bridge: How to use the 3ds Max Bridge


The below steps will assist you in bridging your character from Daz Studio into 3ds Max. 

Daz Studio: 

Step 1: Within Daz Studio open your character.


Step 2: Select the “Scene” pane in the upper right hand corner and highlight the entire character package to be converted to 3ds Max.  


Step 3: Within the top menu toolbar, select “Scripts,” “Bridges”, and then “Daz to 3ds Max.” 


3ds Max

Step 4: WIthin 3ds Max, click on ‘x’ on the keyboard and a pop up box will appear. Within the pop up box, type in ‘Daz to Max’ and then click “Enter.” Another pop up box will appear titled “Daz to Max.”


Step 5: Select “Auto-Import,” and the asset will now be available within 3ds Max. 


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