3ds Max Bridge: How to install the Daz to 3ds Max Bridge.

Follow the instructions below on how to install 3ds Max Bridge:

Step 1: From daz3d.com/shop/ page, type in 3ds Max into the search bar. 


Step 2: Select the “Daz to 3ds Max Bridge” product and place it into your cart and proceed to checkout. 


Step 3: Once your item has been purchased a confirmation page will appear with your order number attached. 


Step 4: Open Daz Central and select “Daz to 3ds Max” from the left side navigation under “Bridges.”


**Additional Details: If you already had Daz Central open, select the “Refresh” icon in the upper right hand corner. A new section called “Bridges” will appear in the left side navigation. 

Step 5: Select “Install” 


Step 6: After installation has been completed, open “Daz Studio.” Within the top menu toolbar, “Scripts” should now be an option to select from. 


If you need further assistance on how to open your character in 3ds Max, refer to the article, “3ds Max Bridge: How to use the 3ds Max Bridge“

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