Cinema 4D Bridge: Black artifacts occurring on the eyes when converting materials to Octane.

This is due to limitations to transparency in Octane Render. When there are intersections happening in objects that are transparent, you will see black artifacts.

       Solution (1) - Less advanced, >100% Solve

Under the Octane Menu, go to Octane Settings and look for Ray Epsilon. While having the render viewport open, adjust this setting to try to eliminate the black artifacts.

       Solution (2) - More advanced, 100% Solve

If Solution (1) does not solve the issue, the best way to fix this problem is to slightly translate, or scale, the object in the eye. If done correctly, all the artifacts will disappear.

Why are my object’s ‘translates’ off when I export them with the bridge?

This happens when an object has transformations that aren’t zeroed in Daz.

Solution (1)

  1. In the scene window, Right Click Expand > Expand All
  2. Right Click and Select > Select all objects.
  3. Right Click and Unparent selected objects.
  4. Right Click and Select > Select all objects.
  5. Right Click and Select > Invert Selection (Ctrl + Shift + I).
  6. Delete the Selection.
  7. Right Click and Select > Select all objects.
  8. Under Parameters, go to Currently Used.
  9. Press the ‘lock’ button on all the transformations and rotations.
  10. Re-run the Bridge, and the transformations will be fixed.

Solution (2) - For some Mac OS, or if solution (1) does not fix the problem

Sometimes Scale or Rotate will still be incorrect, but if you followed solution (1) most of the leg work has already been done.

  1. Unfortunately, Cinema 4D does not have a quick way to fix this problem — first, check which items are incorrect. 

In the bottom right corner, you should see Polygon Object. Click ‘Coords’ and change rotation to zero and scale to 1 (if value exists).

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