Support Boundaries for Daz Technical Support

As we continue to update and release new versions of Daz Studio (DS), we will no longer support versions that are older than the latest release. This also includes providing access to outdated builds of Daz Studio. We do not internally catalog outdated builds and are simply unable to supply this request. Users who are currently working with an older build of DS are more than welcome to keep that version as a backup. If you are inquiring about an older build, we recommend referencing the Forums. While previous versions of Daz Studio are no longer supported, users may share tips on using older versions.

At our discretion, we *may* provide support for your operating system (Mac OS or Windows) as it applies to the use of our products.  However, users will usually be directed to contact their computer's tech support to resolve issues with their operating system.

There are several resources available to users for learning how to use Daz Studio. For tutorials, Daz 3D Forums, Wiki Documents and much more, refer to the article, Where can I learn to use DAZ Studio better?

Daz 3D TECH SUPPORT Provides Support for: 

  • Daz 3D Content (owned by Daz 3D) (may be limited if used in 3rd-party application) 
  • Brokered Content (sold on behalf of artists) (limited if used in 3rd-party application) 
  • Daz 3D Applications (such as the current version of Daz Studio, DAZ Mimic, Bryce, and Carrara 8.5) We will provide limited support if the application(s) is being updated
  • Plugins with Daz Originals listed as the PA

** Additional Details: 
Daz Tech supports applications and plugins that are made by Daz 3D.  You can tell this by checking for  'Artist' on the product page. In most instances, you may need to update your copy of the application. For any plugin that does have Daz Originals listed on the product page, the broker is in charge of tech support of that plugin.

Daz 3D TECH SUPPORT Does NOT Support: 

  • Content Creation. If you need help with Content Creation, we suggest you visit our Forums
  • Custom manual arrangement(s) of content 
  • Custom installations or runtimes. This doesn't mean that you can't edit your installation paths, but we only support standard installs. Non-standard installs have virtually infinite possibilities. To learn more, refer to the article “Custom Content Path Configuration”

Daz Technical Support agents provide direct help for products that we sell through our website UNLESS they are the following:

  • Brokered Applications and plugins - For example, Luxus Render plugin, aniMate2 Plug-in: also called add-on or extension, computer software that adds new functions to a host program without altering the host program itself. 
  • Legacy Applications - Daz Applications that are now 'legacy,' such as Carrara 7, Bryce 6, Daz Studio 4.14 or earlier

Third-party Application Support:

When Daz 3D content is used in a third-party application, such as Poser or Vue, support is only provided as it applies to the content item.  For example, some features in Poser are not supported with our products, such as the Face Room or Visemes. 

In some instances, we cannot provide support as we do not have access to a copy of the application in question, such as Maya or 3DS Max. 

Third-party applications and third-party plugins are supported by the vendor directly.  For example, Clothes Convertor, Manga Studio, Animator (DS Plugin), and Inagoni plugins for Carrara.

In addition, Daz 3D is unable to provide contact information for vendor(s) as they are third party independent partners. We suggest referring to the forums for shared contact information.

THIRD PARTY VENDOR OR BROKERED ARTIST Provide their own Support for: 

  • 3rd-Party Application (Poser, Vue, ZBrush, Manga Studio) 
  • 3rd-Party Plugin 

NOT SUPPORTED by anyone: 

  • Legacy products, such as Carrara 7 or earlier 
  • 3D Content Products sold on other websites 
  • Operating System (Mac OS, Windows, Linux) Contact your computer's tech support

Brokered Applications Support, contact information can be found on the items product page.

**Additional Details: 
This article explains the technical support boundaries for products sold on the Daz 3D website.  It does not include all artists as only some artists are required by their contract with Daz 3D to provide technical support.  Artists for brokered content, for example, are not required to provide technical support for their content.  For these products, submit a Technical Support ticket.

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