How to read Product Pages

This guide is designed to help new and current users who want a refresher on how to read product pages on the Daz 3D website.

Daz 3D carries many products, most of which are for use in Daz Studio, Poser, Carrara, and other applications. Customers can find a lot of helpful information on the product pages to guide their purchase decisions. It is important to read the product page in detail. Many basic questions about a particular product can be answered on the product page.

While Daz 3D has a generous 30-day money-back return policy, many issues can be resolved by reading the product page carefully. This helps in buying products that will work for your projects.

Let's look at the product page for FWSA Kiara HD for Victoria 8. You may want to view it in a different browser or tab and compare to the screen capture below. It will not look exactly the same for reasons we'll examine.

Here's the top part of the Kiara page at the time this article was written:


Promo Images

The first thing you will notice is the main promo image. The biggest image gives you a look at what can be created with the product. You will also see that there are several images that you can click on to the right of the main promo image. While promo images can give you a good idea of what the product looks like, we do allow artists do add additional items to their image that are not included in the product. These images are meant to show you what type of renders can be made with the product. For a list of what is included in the product, you will need to see the 'What's Included & Features' list.


In the example above, to the right of the main promo image, you can see the sales discount (red box with -30%), the original price (light grey with strikeout), and the sales price (black text).

To the right of the pricing, you will see a box with a heart in it. Clicking this will add the product to your Wishlist. You will also see a green ADD TO CART button. Clicking this will add the product to your cart.

PLEASE NOTE:  Adding a product to your Cart or Wishlist DOES NOT hold the sales pricing.


To the right of the main promo image, underneath Pricing, you will see SKU. The SKU is a unique identification number for the product. Every product in the Daz 3D store has a SKU.


Artist tells you who created the product. This is important because some of the promotions are for specific artists. These promotions will usually have a link to the artists catalog.

If the name listed next to the artist is Daz Originals, this means that Daz 3D owns the product. If another artist is listed after Daz Original, it is still a Daz Original product. 

Compatible Figures

This shows which figures are compatible with the product.

Compatible Software

This is where you will see what software is compatible. In this example, the product was made to work in Daz Studio. If something is compatible with multiple platforms, it will be listed here (i.e. Carrara, Poser, Bryce). Please note that if an application is not listed here, we can not guarantee that the product will work in that application.

Required Products

This shows a list of other products required to make this product work. In this case, Victoria 8 is listed as a required product. If you do not own the required product, we can not guarantee that the product will work correctly.

If there is no required product listed, the product will work on its own.

Install Types

This is where you will see what install types are available for the product.


Here is the bottom part of the Kiara page at the time this article was written:

You will find this section below the promo image on the Product Page


This section describes the product.

What's Included and Features

This section gives a list of what is included with the product. If you do not see an item from the promo images listed in this section, the product does not come with that item. For example, if you see hair in the promo image, but you do not see hair listed under What's Included and Features, the product does not come with the hair. 

We do try to list additional products used in the promo images, however, artists are free to use whatever resources they have available to showcase what their product is capable of. 


This is where additional information about the product is listed.


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