How to uninstall Daz Central:

The steps below include how to uninstall Daz Central from your Windows operating system. For the steps on how to uninstall Daz Central from your Mac, refer to Apple's own site for the article, “How to delete apps on your Mac.  

Step 1: Within the Add or remove programs application, type the following into the search box, “DazCentral,” or as shown below.   

Step 2:
Select the, “Uninstall” button. 


Step 3: A confirmation window will appear to confirm you want to in fact uninstall the application. Select the “Uninstall” button again and follow the prompts. 


Step 4: A new confirmation window will appear for a 3rd time to uninstall. Select “Yes.” 


Step 5: A window will appear once the uninstallation has been completed. Select “OK” to exit the window. Now Daz Central should be uninstalled.  


**Additional Details: 
If you are still experiencing issues with uninstalling Daz Central, submit a Technical Support ticket and include which operating system (Windows/Mac) you are using. 

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