Tips for increasing rendering speed

There could be multiple settings to assist in customizing the current image you are trying to render within Daz Studio. Below, we will provide what may cause render speeds to be slower and tips on how to optimize those speeds.

Rendering is the process of a computer taking raw information from a 3D scene such as polygons materials and lighting and calculating the final result. The output is usually a single image or a series of images rendered and compiled together. 

Useful rendering tips:  
Each complex lighting (soft shadows, ambient occlusion, reflections, transparencies or less than 100% opacity) will increase render time exponentially. Tip: Using these economically can help increase render speed. 

The number of present geometry and textures occupying RAM and processor speed. This may include having two characters or more then one object within a scene. The more you have of these, the less RAM and processor power is available for the render engine. Tip: Increasing your RAM may increase the speed for complex renders. This could also include reducing the pixel size to render faster.

Multiple & complex textures and mapping. The file tdlmake has to process each texture in preparation for the render in DAZ Studio. This is the 'Optimizing Image' phase. Tip: Decreasing the file format and size may increase the render speeds. 

Plugins that affect surface values, (for example, lighting and reflection) will significantly add to render time. Tip: Consider using different Shaders and Lighting Plugin(s), which can be searched on our page. 

Improve hardware that supports rendering. Adding a faster processor or increasing RAM (up to 3 GBs). Within Daz Studio, you can also use your video card for rendering (OPENGL).  This requires a high end video card or a dual card (or even dual SLI cards) to maximize this type of render.

Daz Studio makes use of dual processor systems. Carrara will make use of dual and quad processor systems. Carrara Pro supports network rendering.

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