PostgreSQL CMS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CMS?
A: CMS stands for Content Management Service. It's a database which holds information about your content files. This allows DAZ Studio 4+ and Carrara 8.5 to provide a number of added features to content.

Q: What's the difference between Valentina CMS and PostgreSQL CMS?
A: Valentina is the database server used by the original CMS. PostgreSQL is a different database server which was introduced in DAZ Studio

Q: Why change from Valentina CMS to PostgreSQL CMS?
A: Valentina CMS is no longer compatible with the latest build of Daz Studio.

Q: Do I have to switch?
A: If you are using Daz Studio or later, Valentina CMS is no longer supported. You will need to switch to PostgreSQL CMS. 

Q: Who should NOT install PostgreSQL CMS?
A:  Zone Alarm users: Zone Alarm has a long history of not playing well with PostgreSQL.

Q: What are the benefits of PostgreSQL CMS?
A: PostgreSQL CMS has 3 advantages over Valentina CMS:
--It is far more stable.
--It only runs when Daz Install Manager or Daz Studio is running.
--It is much faster if you have a 64-bit OS.

Q: What version of Daz Studio is needed to use PostgreSQL?
A: Daz Studio or higher.

Q: What is "PostgreSQL CMS From Valentina CMS Conversion"?
A: "Installing" this transfers the data from the Valentina CMS to the PostgreSQL CMS. It takes a while, as the "installation" is the actual transfer of the information. If it only takes a second, it probably didn't work. The biggest problem with the Valentina CMS was database corruption, which can cause the transfer to fail. We recommended Exporting User Data before installing PostgreSQL CMS.

Q: I didn't Export User Data before installing PostgreSQL. Is all my user data lost?
A: No you did not lose all of your user data. The Valentina database is left unchanged when you install PostgreSQL CMS. Uninstall PostgreSQL CMS and you can launch Daz Studio, and it will use the Valentina CMS again so that you can Export User Data.

Q: After installing PostgreSQL CMS, my Smart Content does not look correct. There is either nothing there, there is two of everything, or everything has a yellow triangle with an exclamation point.
A: These can be caused by trying to convert a corrupt Valentina database. The easiest way to fix these issues is to re-import metadata.

To Reimport Metadata Right click on the Content Library pane, choose Content DB Maintenance, tick Re-Import Metadata, click Accept. Tick User Data and All Products and click Accept.

Q: What happens to Valentina CMS when I install PostgreSQL CMS?
A: Valentina CMS will not be uninstalled and its database will be left untouched. This will not cause problems -- if PostgreSQL CMS is installed, Daz Install Manager and Daz Studio will use it even if Valentina CMS is also running at the same time. Therefore any new content you install or new user data you create will be added to the PostgreSQL CMS database and not to the Valentina CMS database. If you wish to uninstall Valentina CMS you may do so, but it is not required.

Q: How do I know if Daz Install Manager/Daz Studio is using the PostgreSQL CMS?
A: In the log file for both Daz Studio and Daz Install Manager there will be a line that says:
"Connected to CMS: PostgreSQL 9.3.4" if PostgreSQL is being used.
To view the Daz Studio log, go to Help -> Troubleshooting -> View Log File.

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