Installing DAZ Studio through Daz Install Manager (DIM).

Daz Install Manager (DIM) may be preferred by advanced users. In addition, some new user(s) may not have DIM downloaded; click HERE to download DIM. 

The installation process for Daz Studio can be completed through both Daz Central, and Daz Install Manager (DIM). Instructions on installing Daz Studio through DIM provided below.

Step 1: Select the box next to “Daz Studio 4.15 (Win 64-bit).”


Step 2: Select the green “Start Queue” button, located at the bottom of the page.


Step 3: In addition to installing Daz Studio 4.15, PostgreSQL also needs to be installed through DIM. Within the Ready to Download, select the box next to “PostgreSQL CMS (Win 64-bit). Again, select the “Start Queue” button, located at the bottom.


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