What are Morphforms?

The term "Morphforms" comes from joining the two existing terms that define it, Morphs and Transforms. Generally speaking, Morphs modify the shape of a figure's geometry, whereas Transforms allow you to manipulate that geometry by rotating, translating and/or scaling it. Morphforms are a combination of the two, in that they are Morph dials that drive multiple Transforms at a time, for the benefit and/or convenience of the user. Since the application recognizes these dials as morphs, any Poses which use Morphforms need to be saved with the "include morphs" option selected in order for the values to be recorded as part of the pose.

**Additional Details: Daz Studio users do not have this limitation. Using the Custom option in the Save Pose Preset dialog, users can selectively record any parameters of their choosing to a Pose Preset.

Daz Studio users also have the added benefit of the "Morphforms to Transforms" script available on the Daz website, which will "bake" the Morphform values down to the actual Transforms which comprise it. This script, when used in conjunction with the "Poser Format Exporter" script, also available on the Daz website, enables Daz Studio users to generate Poser format poses that can be utilized by all users of Victoria 4.

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