Tips and Tricks for using Keyframes and Animating using the Timeline in Daz Studio.

In order to create Keyframes within Daz Studio, the Timeline pane must be available and the view mode set to intermediate. The steps below provide instructions to access the timeline, change the View Mode, and create a Keyframe animation. 

The Timeline pane is normally located at the bottom of Daz Studio in a collapsed folder by default. However, if this option is not available, select "Windows," from the top menu toolbar. From the first drop down menu, select “Panes (Tab)” and then select “Timeline” in the second drop down menu.

To change the View Mode, left click on the menu located on the right side of the Timeline Pane. Select “View Mode” from the first drop down menu, and then “Intermediate View” within the second drop down menu. Note: Keyframes can only be set from within the intermediate mode. 


From the Scene pane, select the object that you wish to create a Keyframe on and select "Create Key" located at the bottom of the Timeline Pane. The Keyframe will normally start on frame zero of the animation; however, the animation can start from anywhere on the Timeline. 


Select the end place for the animation to stop on the timeline, and select “Create Key” once more. By following this process, the animation now has a start and end point or as shown below. 


For a basic example on creating the animation, select the Parameters pane and drag the "Y Rotate" slider left or right.  


Daz Studio will then create the Keyframe, by rotating that object. By selecting “Play” from inside the Timeline pane, the scene will play out the animation.  

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