Integrating Third Party Products Into DAZ Runtimes

Some third-party content is compatible with Daz Studio. These files may be extracted into external folders so the content can be used in both DAZ Studio and Poser. Even if you intend on using this content in Daz Studio, it may be beneficial to install them to an external folder of your choosing. 

Follow the steps listed below on how to add a new third party content folder to your directory list within Daz Studio:  

Step 1: Within Daz Studio, select “Edit” from the top toolbar, and then select “Preferences” from the drop down menu. A pop up box will appear with the title, “Preferences.”


Step 2:  Select the “Content” tab, then select, “Content Direct Manager” located at the bottom of the window.  Another pop up window will appear with the title, “Content Direct Manager.”


Step 3:
Select “Other Import Formats." An orange outline will appear around the wording once it has been selected. 


Step 4:
Select the "Add" button on the left under “Directory.” A pop up will appear with the title, “Select a Directory.” 


Step 5:
Browse to the Installation path and click the option to “Select Folder.” 


Step 6: Click Accept in the Content Directory Manager and restart Daz Studio.


**Additional Details:
We are only providing the above steps as this is a process that is available within Daz Studio; however outside of these steps, additional support WILL NOT be provided by the Daz 3D Support team. For further support, we recommend contacting the site the product was purchased from. 

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