DrawStyle in DAZ Studio

The DrawStyle is how 3D objects are represented in the viewport within Daz Studio. Below we discuss the Viewport DrawStyle options, the properties of the Viewport window, and how to make use of it. 

Iray - Relies heavily on dedicated GPU for processing. GPU is used for NVIDIA cards, but the CPU will be used for all other graphic cards. It is very memory intensive, so it is recommended to switch the DrawStyle to “Texture Shaded” until the user would like to test their renders.

Daz Studio provides users a way to preview their content within the Viewport, which is normally the main window in the center of the User Interface (UI). By default, the Viewport is set to “Texture Shaded.” This setting allows for a realistic shape, and a reasonable preview of texture on the model. The DrawStyle can be changed in two different areas of Daz Studio. 

Option One: The main DrawStyle menu is available just inside of the “Viewport” in the upper right. The image below shows where to select the triangle for the menu list.


Option Two: Select "Windows" from the top menu toolbar. From the first drop down menu select "Panes (Tab)," and then select "Draw Settings” from the second drop down menu. A new floating pane will appear, which can be docked anywhere within Daz Studio. For this example, the “Draw Settings” pane has been docked under the “Content Library. The image below shows where the pane has been docked and some options that are available inside this pane. 


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