How to Eliminate Poke Through in Daz Studio.

Poke through is when part of a figure pokes through the clothing or accessories applied to it. This is due to meshes colliding, and is usually encountered while working with clothing. 

Follow the tips below on how to eliminate poke through: 

Supported Figures - Tip: Make sure the clothing you are applying to the figure is designed for that particular figure. An autofit script will pop up automatically when you try to apply a clothing item meant for one figure onto a figure from a different generation.

Changing/Altering the Pose - If the values of the nodes (arm, elbow, shoulder, etc) are near maximum value or exceeding them, they are more likely to produce poke through in clothing. There are ways around this for advanced users, however, you can expect poke through for extreme poses. Tip: Hiding parts of the body and using magnets may provide a way to resolve poke through caused by extreme poses.

Hiding Body Parts - To hide any part of the body in Daz Studio, use the Scene Tab to find the part and click the “eye” to the right to close it. This is a very easy method and in most instances is very effective. It is not effective if part of the body you need to hide is naturally exposed such as the upper arm beneath a short-sleeved garment.


**Additional Details:
Magnets are provided in separate products and, in rare occasions, with some clothing products. Magnets are not for beginning users and require a solid understanding to use effectively. Refer to the “ReadMe” after making a purchase of a magnet asset(s) from for more information.


Scaling tools - Tip: Clothes will have different morphs that will help you to cover poke through. Clothing morphs will typically appear under the Parameters pane, while the figure shaping options will appear under Shaping and parameters.

Tip: There could be times when poke through is small enough that it should not be visible within the final render. 

Tip: One tool that can be purchased from is the Fit Control product for Genesis 8 It allows more control of clothing and adds the morphs to control them.

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