How to Save a Custom Preset in DAZ Studio

Below provides the steps on how to save custom presets to the “Content Library” pane.

Step 1:  Within the “Scene” pane, select the preferred scene or figure.

Step 2: Within the “Content Library” pane, select the triangle next to “Daz Studio Formats” and then select the triangle next to ”My DAZ 3D Library.” 


Step 3: Select a preferred area to save the preset and then right click and select “Create a Sub-Folder” 


Step 4: Type in the preferred “Folder Name” and select “OK.”


Step 5: After the sub-category has been created, select the “+” (plus) icon. This icon is located within the “Thumbnail” pane, or as shown below. 


Step 6: A menu list will appear once the “+” icon has been selected. Within the menu list, select Scene.” Another pop up window will appear with the title, “Filtered Save.” 


Step 7: Type in the preferred “File Name,”  and select “Save.” Everything in the scene will be saved as a (*.duf) file.


**Additional Details:

The preset can then be reloaded in the future by browsing to the sub-category file that was created and by double-clicking the thumbnail. The preset will then load into the Viewport. To merge the preset into another preloaded scene, right click on the thumbnail and within the menu list, select “Merge into Scene.” 


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