How to Use the Content Library Pane.

The Content Library pane acts as a file browser. It looks at the physical files on the hard drive and allows users to view them. This article provides a general overview of the Content Library pane and references to other articles that can be beneficial for installing content.

The Content Library pane is often located on the left hand side within Daz Studio. If this pane is not an option, select “Window” within the top toolbar. Select the “Panes (Tabs)” from the first drop down menu, and then select “Content Library,” from the second drop down.  

Products folder within the Content Library pane:  

The Products folder within the Content Library pane is an additional way to view content alphabetically. All content that has been installed to a mapped folder for Studio  will show in one of these subfolders.

There are more refined filtering options for viewing content in the Products folder. This is completed by clicking on a thumbnail of an asset. Clicking on the thumbnail image will provide various options available. 

From the Smart Content pane, this process can be completed in reverse so that the asset shows up in the Content Library pane. This is completed by right clicking on the thumbnail of a specific asset and selecting, “Show Asset In.” A list of the following options will be displayed; Content Library > Virtual Folder, and Content Library > Products. By selecting one of these options, the asset will then be displayed within the Content Library, either under the Virtual Folder, or the Products folder. This option will appear if the product was installed through Daz Connect. If the product was installed using Central or DIM, it will appear in the list Content Library > Mapped Folder.

Browsing to the file location can be completed within the Smart Content and the Content Library pane. This is completed by right clicking on a thumbnail and selecting “Browse to File Location.” This will show you the direct path the asset was installed to on the hard drive. 

Other Helpful Tutorials and Articles: 

Visit this YouTube tutorial for those who manage their content with Daz Install Manager (DIM). Learn how to utilize the Content Library, Smart Content Pane, and other helpful tips to find your content and import it into Daz Studio .

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