How to Use the Smart Content Pane

The Smart Content pane is a convenient place to install and uninstall products, as well as update content. In addition, it keeps track of metadata. This pane enables SKU and product name searches for product components, which is easier than finding content in the Content Library pane. Within this article, we will discuss some of the features that are available inside the Smart Content pane.

The Smart Content pane is often located on the left-hand side of Daz Studio. If this pane is not an option, select “Window” within the top toolbar. Select the “Panes (Tabs)” from the first drop down menu, and then select “Smart Content,” from the second drop down menu.   

On the top of the Smart Content pane, two tabs will be listed, “Files” and “Products.”  

Files - Only contains one file. This organizes content using individual assets installed. This is great if you know the exact name of the file you would like to add into the scene or if you would like to scroll through different wardrobe/poses to see all of the items available.

Products - Contains more than one file. This organizes content using the full product files. This way, a full product can be found and the individual assets are included in sub-folders. This is a great option if you know that name of the product that was installed, but aren't quite sure of the names of the assets included in the product. It also allows you to quickly scroll through the list of products you have installed.

The option to “Filter By Context” is located in both the “Files” and “Products.” tab. By default, this box is normally checked. This filter allows you to select a figure from your scene and see compatible assets in the Smart Content pane. This checks the metadata and filters the contents by assets that are compatible with the selected figure.

Product(s) that contain metadata (information we add to products so that they are properly categorized in Daz Studio) should be available within the Smart Content pane. This is with the assumption that the product has been installed to a mapped directory. Most older products may not have metadata available and will not show up in the Smart Content Library pane.  

Within the “Products'' tab, a search window is available to search by a full product’s name or SKU. In the Product tab, a word from the title of the product needs to be entered in order for the product to appear. To do this, click 'Products' at the top of the pane. In the search window, type a keyword for the product. This can make it much easier to find the product without having to look through several folders. Keep in mind that with 'Files” selected, only assets included in products will appear.

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