Serial Number Input Issues

It's necessary to input your serial number to activate (or register) software in order to use it.  Sometimes, a user will input a serial number and still have the software report that it is invalid.  Here are some reasons why you could be getting the message.

Please follow the below steps to locate your serial number(s).
1. Log in to your account at
2. Click "My Account" in the upper right hand corner.
3. Click "My Serial Numbers", located top center just under the banners.
You can also access your serial number page here:

Input Errors
This is the most common reason for a serial number to be rejected.   You can type in the serial code manually or copy and paste the serial number.  Either method can work.  You must input the serial number exactly as provided.

If you copy and paste the serial number, you can sometimes copy an invisible return value from the webpage.  You should check to make sure that the additional value is not present.  After you paste in the serial code, click on the field so that your cursor appears.  On the keyboard, click the right arrow until the cursor stops at the end.  If there is a space after the last value, it will invalidate the code.  Delete any empty spaces after the last value of the sequence.

Please note: serial numbers are case sensitive. 

Administrative Rights
Make sure you are logged into a user account with full admin rights.  If you are in a limited user account, the software may not register the serial number and can reject the serial number even though it should work. 

Third-party software
Sometimes antivirus or firewall software will interfere and prevent activation.  As a general rule, it is best to have this software disabled during installation and activation. 

As a rule, plugins must be activated with a serial code in DAZ Studio.  Many plugins have two sets of serial numbers, one for use in DAZ Studio 3 (or 2) and one for use in DAZ Studio 4.  Make sure you use the code that is appropriate for the version of DAZ Studio you are using.

The dynamic clothing control plugin is activated in DAZ Studio 4+ with the serial number provided. Serial numbers for the dynamic clothing control plugin for use in DAZ Studio 3 and DAZ Studio 4 begin with SDZ.

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