Which programs can DAZ models and products be used in?

File Formats 

All of our products are distributed using largely universal file formats, and can be used in other software applications that import these file formats either natively or via plugins.  Currently DAZ Studio, Carrara 5-6, Bryce 5.5-6, and Poser 6-7 nativley support our content. All articulate models are distributed with at least two files: One is the DAZ Studio/Poser file (.CR2) and the other is the 3D mesh contained in the more universal Wavefront .OBJ format. Most any 3D package will import .OBJ files (Maya, Lightwave, 3DSMax, etc.). The .OBJ contains all UV coordinate and material information, so this can also be preserved outside of Poser. However, as the accompanying Poser library file (.CR2) contains all the character rigging and setup information, simply importing a figure via an .OBJ importer will result in all character rigging and setup being lost.  Additionally, texture jpgs typically do not import with .obj's into 3DS Max.  The texture files may need to be reapplied in 3DS Max.  


Poser Pro Pack (http://www.curiouslabs.com/article/archive/398/)  will allow LightWave 6 and 3D Studio Max users to open Poser scenes natively with a little work. All animation is treated as animated geometry deformation, and therefore all alterations must be done in Poser (rigging does not translate). Poser Pro Pack also supports the exporting of 2D Flash animations and 3D Viewpoint 3 content for the web. Vue D'Esprit (http://www.e-onsoftware.com/Products/) will import fully textured Poser scenes, complete with color, bump, transparency, etc. No adjustment is required; the models are ready to render. Maximum Pose II (http://innuendo.ev.ca/maximum_pose.htm)  allows you to import DAZ Studio/Poser animations into 3D Studio MAX easily and seamlessly. The figures are perfectly textured and conforming clothing, attached props, etc. remain intact, exactly as they appear in Poser. Natural Pose 2 (http://innuendo.ev.ca/natural_pose.htm)  uses Windows Automation techniques to act as a plug-in for programs that do not support plug-ins. Currently, Natural Pose 2 fully automates the following software packages: Poser 4.0.2, 4.0.3 and Pro Pack, Bryce 4.1 (English), Bryce 5 (English and German), Vue d'Esprit 4 (English and German).  truePose¬© (http://innuendo.ev.ca/truepose.htm)  is a plug-in for Caligari's trueSpaceTM that imports animated characters from PoserTM. Poser users now have a low cost option for high quality character animation. truePose works with trueSpace versions 3.1 and up.

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