DSON Importer Plugin for Poser

DSON Importer Plugin


Poser does not have native support for Genesis, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 2 Male, Horse 2, and other figures that use triax-weight mapping.  In order to use these products in Poser, it's necessary to install the DSON Importer Plugin.  This plugin is sold separately and supports Poser 9 sr3, Poser Pro 2012 sr3, Poser 10, and Poser Pro 2014.    Without the plugin, Genesis, Horse 2, and Genesis 2 figures will not work in Poser.

DSON Importer for Poser

At the time this article was written, DAZ 3D offered the DSON Importer plugin free, if you place the above product into your card along with $20 or more of DSON Importer plugin compatible content, then you should get it free with your paid order.  For more questions about this or if you've already purchased $20 or more of DSON Importer plugin compatible content, please contact DAZ 3D sales department through Zendesk.

For technical help with DSON Importer plugin, please see this article:



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