Understanding Content File Types

Over the years, DAZ 3D content products have been designed for use with Poser, DAZ Studio, Carrara, Bryce, and now DSON Importer for Poser Pro 2012 and Poser 9.  This article focuses on content for use with Poser, DAZ Studio 4.5, and DSON Importer for Poser.

Check the product page by 'Compatible 3D Software' to see which applications are supported. If the product page does not indicate either 'Poser' or 'DSON Importer,' then it will not work in Poser, even with DSON Importer installed.


Poser: This means Poser without the use of the DSON Importer plugin.  This includes Poser 6 and up.  Poser 6 is the minimum version of Poser that will support fourth generation figures (V4.2, M4, K4, Aiko 4, The Girl 4, Freak 4, etc.).  Generally products designed for use in Poser will work in any build of Poser 6 and above.  The big exceptions are true plugins for Poser and Python Scripts.  Python Scripting was changed in Poser 9, so python scripts meant for use in Poser 8 and earlier will probably not work in Poser 9 or above.  The specific path for installing a Python Script varies among versions of Poser.  Poser compatible products generally use the standard Poser formats (.cr2, .pz2, .fc2, .pp2, .mt5, .mc6, .lt2, etc.).

DAZ Studio 4.5:  This is current release build of DAZ Studio.  It supports the new .duf file format, but also supports the earlier .daz scene file format.  Studio 4.5 also supports the following Poser formats (.cr2, .pz2, .pp2, .fc2, .pp2, .mc6, .lt2).  It does not support .pz3 (Poser Scene) format or Python Scripts.

DSON IMPORTER FOR POSER: is a plugin for Poser Pro 2012 sr3 and Poser Pro 9 sr3.  It does not work without the sr3 update and doesn't work in earlier versions of Poser.


'dpc': This means 'DAZ Poser Content.'  It can be used in Poser, Poser with DSON Importer, and Studio.  There are several 'subtypes' of this file which can vary in nature.  EXAMPLES: 4779_AmbrosiaPosesV4_1.1_dpc, 8622_21_dpc_BasicwearforV4_21, 8622_22_dpc_BasicwearforV4_22, 8622_23_dpc_BasicwearforV4_23.  Examples of older files that fit under the general 'dpc' category: ps_pe069_Victoria4, ps_pe070_V4Morphs [This file is actually not labeled 'dpc' but would have been if it had been made after the 'dpc' naming convention.  It is intended for use in regular Poser and Studio].

'Poser CF': This means Poser Companion File.  These are specific type of 'dpc' file.  These are only meant for use with DSON Importer.  They are not intended for use with Poser without the DSON Importer plugin.  They are not intended for use with DAZ Studio. EXAMPLES: 13439_Victoria5PoserCF_1.1_dpc.

'ds': This means 'DAZ Studio.'  They are not supported in Poser.  EXAMPLES: 4791_DominoV4DS_1.1_ds. 3170_V4SkinMapsHRDS_1.1_ds

'trx': This refers to DSON content, including add-ons for Genesis. Like 'ds' files, 'trx' files will not work in Poswer without DSON Importer.  They may work in Poser with DSON Importer, if the product is intended for this use.  Check 'Compatible 3D Software' as explained above. Some of these may be labeled 'legacy.'  These files may be labeled 'DSON CORE.'  EXAMPLES: 13439_Victoria5_1.1_trx (not legacy), 13439_Victoria5Legacy_1.1_trx (legacy).

'Power Loader': Only ExP morph products will have power loader installers.  These are only intended for use in Studio.  They are not supported in Poser, with or without DSON Importer. EXAMPLES: ps_pe069_Victoria4PwrLoader, ps_pe070_V4MorphsPwrLoader.

'Legacy': These files are labeled 'legacy' as they are intended for use with earlier versions of Daz Studio.  They are pre-'DUF' file format.  They should not be used in the latest build of Daz Studio.

'Metadata': These files are not needed for any application.  They were originally intended for use with other applications outside of DAZ Studio, but this is no longer necessary.  They may be disregarded.  EXAMPLES: 4794_AmarsedaHairDSMetaData_1.1_ds, 3170_V4SkinMapsHRDSMetaData_1.1_ds

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