How do I work with Victoria 4 and her clothing?

Briefly outlined below are the steps for creating a scene comprised of multiple Victoria 4 figures, her associated deformers, and any clothing that shares their influence.

  1. Load Victoria 4 into the scene.
  2. With the intended target Victoria 4 figure selected, load an item of conforming clothing, and conform/fit it.
    1. If you are using Poser, be sure that the correct Victoria4 figure is selected in the scene before loading the clothing item for that figure, to ensure proper "cross-talking". "Cross-talking" means the settings for all of the morphs, that both the clothing item and figure have in common, will be copied from the figure to the clothing item. Only the settings in the morphs that are common will be applied to the clothing item - it does not gain morphs from the base figure.)
    2. If you are using Poser and plan to utilize the scaling Morphforms in Victoria 4 together with a conforming clothing item that has been built to support this feature, you will need follow a different workflow than when you use the other Morphforms (in Poser). First parent the BODY of the clothing item to the BODY of the intended target figure, and then copy the pose from the figure to the clothing item. If you are applying a pose to the clothing item that contains any information for the BODY actor, then you will need to Restore (Ctrl+E) the BODY of the conformed clothing item after applying said pose. 
  3.  Apply the appropriate "Magnetize to V4" pose, found in the "DAZ's Victoria 4Magnetize Clothing" pose folder, to the newly conformed/fitted clothing item. 
    1. In Poser, the appropriate "Magnetize to V4" pose is the one with the same number suffix as that of the Victoria4 figure to which the clothing is conformed. For example, if the clothing is conformed to a Victoria4 figure that Poser has labeled "Victoria4 2", then the "Magnetize to V4 2" pose should be used. 
    2. If you are utilizing a scene/figures saved in Poser, in DAZ Studio, the information provided above still applies. 
    3. If you are working in DAZ|Studio exclusively, the appropriate "Magnetize to V4" pose is the one labeled "!Magnetize to V4", regardless of number suffix. 
  4. Repeat steps 1 thru 3 as needed
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