How do I use Morphs in Victoria 4.2?

The installer for the V4.2 base provides one figure called Victoria 4.2. The installer for the V4.2 Morphs++ adds a figure, V4.2 to V3, that supports some backward compatibility. It is V4.2's head on V3's body. It does not accept morph injections. Only the basic V4.2 figure accepts morph injections, and only if the morphs++ have been properly installed. There is no V4 RR LE at this time.

V4.2 needs to be installed into the main runtime directory. To use the morphs, you need to load the basic V4.2 figure (not the backward compatible V4.2 to V3) and then INJect the morphs from the Pose library. To find the INJectable morphs, go to POSES --> DAZ's Victoria 4 --> Morph Injections.

To INJect and use the morph, select the V4.2 figure in the viewport or in the 'Scene Tab.' Then double-click the morph you wish to inject. The icon needs to have the letterse INJ on it. The icons with REM are for removing morphs. After a moment, the morph is injected. Now you need to turn the dial to apply the morph. With V4.2 still selected, go to the 'Parameters Tab' and find the dial. Spin it to see the change in the figure. For morphs that affect the head or facial expressions, select the head when you INJect the morph and spin the dial.

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