How do the PC (.EXE) Installers Work?

Our .EXE installers for Windows (PC) machines are designed to install all the various files to the proper sub-directories in your Poser directory. Our new installers now give you the option to install DAZ Studio or Poser content, search your local drives to find the location of all installed versions of Poser, and view the ReadMe.

The older installers automatically search for Poser, but can be canceled during the searching. Whenever you install a product for use in Poser, be sure that the install directory is the directory where your Application is located. If the product does not appear in your Runtime Library after it is installed, it most likely installed in the wrong place - reinstall the product and be sure that the install directory matches the name of your Poser directory.

Some products do not have to be installed in a particular place. Texture templates can be installed any place that you would like to keep them. Also, some motions and textures will offer a default directory as the install directory but some can be put in any location of your choice.

Due to the amount of content in the DAZ Store, and the age of some products, you may encounter older installers that look and act differently than the newer product installers. We continue to use the latest installer technology to make products easier to use, but not all products are updated to use the latest technology - but the installers should work. If you encounter an older installer with errors, please contact customer service immediately.

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