Why is the update from Victoria 4.0 to Victoria 4.X / What is ExP technology?

One of the main reasons behind the update to Victoria 4.X is encompassed by the 'ExP' technology being utilized within Victoria now. This 'Extensible Parameters' (ExP) technology extends the capabilities of the existing [morph] delta injection (INJ) system. This improvement to delta injection has several benefits to users and developers:

Benefits to Users

  • Users can easily update an ExP-enabled figure to include the parameters of newly installed add-on products, or exclude newly removed parameters. This is accomplished almost automatically by using a shortcut to a utility that automates the process. This shortcut is placed on the desktop by default.
  • Users can now make use of various morph add-on products in conjunction with one another; provided the developer has built the add-on following the ExP methodology.
  • Users retain the ability to use add-on products built off the legacy method of add-on morph delivery involving the 'PBMCC_##' channels. 

Benefits to Developers

  • Developers now have an additional method of delivery that demands less of the user than previous methods; such as donor files and morph moving utilities, encryption, manual loading, etc.
  • Developers are no longer forced to compete for the same pre-defined 'PBMC_##' parameter channels; they can assign unique names to their injection parameters for ExP-enabled figures and clothing. When following the naming conventions outlined in the Extensible Paraments (ExP) white paper (https://artzone.daz3d.com/wiki/doku.php/pub/content/victoria_4), new morphs will not overwrite or conflict with existing morphs, provided they maintain a unique internal name.

What does this mean to you, the end-user?

It means that when you install a new add-on product, such as the Victoria 4.1 Muscle Morphs, your Victoria 4.X CR2 file is updated automatically to include the necessary parameters for this product. This happens automatically with all Victoria 4.X add-on products sold at DAZ 3D, because our product installers will automatically launch a utility that is included with Victoria 4.X to update the CR2.

If you purchase a product at a third-party content site without the benefit of DAZ 3D's installers, then you must simply double-click the shortcut that is installed on your desktop by default, to update your CR2. Make sure you place the new product in its proper location first, and then run the update utility to make sure you Victoria 4.X CR2 is up to date when you next load Victoria 4.X in DAZ Studio or Poser.

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