What's new with Michael 4?

M4 is built off the 4th generation UNIMESH, like Victoria 4; this provides compatibility with many Victoria products. It also provides more realism and more versatility than previous versions of Michael. This is the most versatile, realistic, and anatomically accurate male human figure ever made available for public use. The figure is derived from real body scans and high resolution photography of real human men.

M4 is also built to use the same add-on technology as in V4, which allows additional characters of different proportions and shapes to be loaded and mixed. (Users got their first taste of this technology when Aiko 4 was created as an add-on to Victoria 4 and not a standalone figure, as previously. Michael 4 will be the new platform for the upcoming Hiro anime/cartoon character line, and Freak muscular/superhuman character line.)

New technology has allowed more realistic joints in Michael 4 than in any previous figure available for the public market, including Victoria 4.

Users will benefit from more realistic posing while working with the new Michael 4. As you bend the arm or knee the figure will move realistically without distortion.

People will quickly see the advantages of improved realism in the figure, from (photo-realistic) true skin textures, to fine-tuned body shapes. DAZ 3D has also added multiple head shapes to show age, and ethnic options.

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