How to install Michael 4.0 and Michael 4 Morphs++ on the Mac in DAZ Studio

This article explains how to install the Michael 4.0 base product into DAZ Studio on the Mac.  The second half explains how to install Michael 4.0 Morphs++.  If you have both products, it is recommended that you install both at the same time as explained below.

If you need instructions for the PC or Poser, please see the relevant article.

Run each installer by itself.  First launch the

You'll see 'Welcome to the "Michael 4 Base" Setup program.  Press 'Next >' to proceed. 

Next choose whether you want an uninstaller or not.  If you're not sure, just leave it on 'Yes.'  Click 'Next >.'

Next you should accept the License Agreement in order to proceed.  Please read the agreement.

Next page is the 'Target Application.'  Make sure this is on 'DAZ Studio.'  Click 'Next >.'

Choose 'Select a path from a list' and click 'Next >.'

On the next page, make sure 'Applications/DAZStudio/Content' is chosen or the equivalent for your installation.  If it is not an option, click '< Back,' and then choose 'Specify Installation.' Click 'Next >' and browse to the correct path.

It's very important that the correct path is chosen.  In DAZ Studio, the path should end with the 'Content' folder.  If you choose another folder, like 'runtime' or 'Studio,' the file hierarchy will not be written to the correct folders and subfolders, and consequently, Michael 4.0 will not work right.

Click 'Next >' and now the 'Ready to Install' page will appear.  Click next once more to see the installation of files begin.

At the end, you will see a window appear about a shortcut on the desktop.  Press 'OK.'  In the main screen, press 'Next >.' 

On the last screen, you will see 'Completing Michael 4 Base Setup Wizard.'  The boxes for Initialize Michael and View Readme will be checked.  Leave them checked and press 'Finish.'  Michael 4.0 base is now installed. 

The installation process for the other two files, and, is nearly identical.

At this point, Michael 4.0 base is installed.  To find the figure in DAZ Studio, go to the Content Tab --> Content --> FIGURES --> DAZ People.  If you do not see the figure there, then make sure your Content Tab is in FOLDER VIEW and that your directories are configured properly.

To install Morphs++, the above should be done (especially  There are several files that come with Morphs++.  However, only this one is essential for the morphs themselves to function properly:

Run the above file.  The installation will be nearly identical to the Michael 4.0 base.  It is critical that the target folder for the Morphs be IDENTICAL to the folder for the base installed earlier.

You should be able to find the Morphs++ in the Content Tab in: Content --> POSES --> DAZ's Michael 4.0 --> Morphs++.

If you are still having trouble finding the product, make sure the content tab is set to FOLDER VIEW:  To do this, go to VIEW --> Tabs --> Content.  Click the triangle icon in the upper right corner of the tab ("View the Active Tab Options") and then change from 'View Categories - QuickStart' to ‘View Folders as Tree.’

Also check your content directories in Preferences: DAZ Studio --> Preferences --> Directories.

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