How to use the V4 Elite Marie Character

These instructions assume that you already have Victoria 4.2 Base, V4.2 Morphs++, and V4 Elite Bodyshapes properly installed.  The Victoria 4.2 EZ figure will not accept morphs of any sort.

How to apply V4 Elite Marie Morph
For Marie, you should load Victoria 4.2 base into the scene, then go to POSES --> DAZ's Victoria 4 --> Morph Injections and inject the V4.2 Morphs++ (INJ Morphs++ V4). Then inject the V4 Elite Body Shapes (INJ Elite V4). Now finally go to POSES --> DAZ's Victoria 4 --> Elite Characters and inject Marie_BodyINJ to see the morphs take effect in the figure.

How to apply the V4 Elite Texture
The texture you use depends upon whether you are in DAZ Studio or Poser 6+.

In DAZ Studio, select V4.2 (Marie).  Browse to this location in the Content Tab:

DAZ|Studio:People:Victoria 4:Textures:MAT Elite

Find the texture for Marie and double-click to apply

In Poser, select V4.2 (Marie).  Move to the TEXTURE ROOM (second choice after POSE ROOM on top).  Then browse to V4 Elite\Marie and double-click the texture to apply it.

In Carrara, select V4.2 and browse to PRESETS:Shaders:Skin:V4 Elite:Marie Carrara and apply the texture.

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