What is the Unimesh?

In the early part of 2002, DAZ decided on transitioning from creating a unique mesh for every figure towards creating a single master mesh that could be used as a foundation for creating each new figure. This was referred to as the DAZ Unimesh. The Unimesh is a cutting edge geometry mesh with very strategically placed polygons.

This androgynous mesh was created with a focus on attention to detail in the placement and concentration of polygons. The Unimesh is now used as the base for all bipedal Millennium Figures that DAZ creates. Victoria 3.0 was the first to be created from this mesh, and Michael 3.0 was the second.Each Millennium figure created from this Unimesh base receives hundreds of hours of mesh revision and blend zone work to custom tailor the Unimesh towards the particular project.

Along with the work done uniquely per figure made based off the master mesh, the Unimesh itself is constantly being refined and improved in order to maintain DAZ's promise towards its customers of always providing the highest quality, most modern mesh's available anywhere.There are several advantages of transitioning to this system of production for the Millennium Figures.

  1. It allows us to easily make compatible UV sets for every figure based off of the Unimesh geometry. This allows the user to build huge texture libraries that function well with every figure created from the Unimesh base.
  2. It allows morphs to move quickly and easily from one Uinmesh-based figure to another. Even though the grouping used for Poser may differ from one Unimesh-based figure to another, each figure is compatible and therefore morph targets can easily be transferred from figure to figure in a modelling package.
  3. It allows DAZ to more quickly create a Millennium figure. The time required to build an entirely unique mesh can be effectively circumvented. This allows DAZ time to create an original figure in a much shorter period of time, while maintaining quality standards.

Creating the DAZ Unimesh was the first of several key steps towards a more efficient production process. An increase in the quality and number of Millennium Figures available to the user is the key result. 

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