Genesis UV Map (Texture Template)

Genesis uses multiple UV sets. By default, the base figure is set to Victoria 4's UV Map, but can be changed to the uv map for M4 or K4. So, just get the Texture Template for V4, M4, or K4. These are on the respective products pages for these base figures.

You can change the uv set in the Surface Tab in the property labeled 'UV Set.'

Other add-ons for Genesis may also have their own respective UV sets. These should be available on the product page. For example, the texture template for the Anubis add-on is on the product page for Genesis.

So, there's not a single uv set (Texture Template) for Genesis as it can be changed from the the V4 UV Map to the M4 or K4 map. Additional maps are possible with add-ons.

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