FAQ for Maya File Formats

 How do I use the Maya File Format?

  • After purchasing from Daz3d.com on the confirmation page you can then choose the file formats you would like to download.  You can also download from your library
  • Once downloaded, you can then open the file in Maya.

What is the Maya File Format?

  • The file format is .mb

What content works in the Maya File Format?

  • Only content that specifies the file format “Maya” comes with the additional file format for download.

I want to import directly into Maya, how do I get my file

  • Select items in the store include Maya files, which can be downloaded on the confirmation screen or from your library.  

How can I see all the available content in the Maya File Format

  • In the Daz Store, use the filter “software” then click Maya.  That filter selection will allow you to see all the available items in the store with that file format.
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