How do I uninstall/delete Daz Studio?

The process for uninstalling Daz Studio is for PC users and is explained within the steps below. 

Caution: Uninstalling software can be performed on just about any device; if the steps listed below do not work for your PC, refer back to your computer's help system, or contact an IT professional. Daz 3D is NOT reliable for any personal files/software that has been deleted from your device in error. This also includes any technical issues that you may experience after uninstalling software.  

Uninstalling Daz Studio 

Step 1: Select your “File Explorer” folder located on the taskbar.


Step 2: Select "C:/Program Files" from the left side navigation list. 


Step 3: Right click on the folder named “DAZ 3D,” and select “Delete.”


Step 4: Within "C:/Program Files" select the "User” folder and then select “Public” folder. 


Step 5: Select “Public Documents.” 


Step 6: Right click the “My DAZ 3D Library” folder and select “Delete.” 



Step 7: Within "C:/Program Files" select the "Users” folder. Then select the “Username” that is associated with your profile account.  


Step 8: Select “Documents.” 


Step 9: Right click on the folder named “DAZ 3D,” and select “Delete.” 


Step 10: Navigate to your “Start Menu” and type %AppData%. 


Step 11: Right click to remove the “DAZ 3D” file. This will remove the Daz Studio database.


If you need further assistance with the uninstall process, or for instructions for Mac users, Submit a Technical Support Question.    


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