Why was my credit card declined?

Credit cards can be declined for a variety of reasons. Following the steps below may assist in correcting some of those issues; however, you are also encouraged to contact the Credit Card provider to seek additional assistance if your credit card continues to decline. 

Step 1: Clear the browser’s cache and cookies, and try processing the order again. 

Step 2: Delete and re-add the Credit Card from your account. For further assistance, refer to the article “How to Add/Delete a Payment Method.”

Step 3: Confirm the default Billing & Shipping addresses have been updated within your account. This is required in order to avoid this error. For further assistance, refer to the article, ”How do I change the billing address on my Daz 3D account?”

Additional Details: When adding the Credit Card to your Daz 3D account, the address must be the same as the address you listed for that Credit Card.  

Step 4:  Remove any special characters (IE: ', ~, `) within your name or address in your account.

Step 5: Antivirus or firewall(s) could be blocking the Daz 3D website. At the user(s) discretion, disabling the firewall may also assist with processing the order. 

 Step 6: Attempt to run your browser as administrator. To do this: Right click on the launch icon from your desktop and choose Run as Administrator. 

If you are still experiencing issues, Submit a Sale Support ticket

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