How to update a forgotten password.

Follow the steps below if you have forgotten your password: 

Step 1: Select the “Forgot Your Password?” link below the login boxes. 


Step 2: Enter in your email address and click “Submit”. After selecting “Submit” the following message will appear: “Request completed successfully. If the account exists, a recovery email will be sent.”

Step 3: Within your personal email, select the “Customer Service” email and click “Reset Your Password.”Forgot_3.jpg

Step 4:
You are then prompted to enter in your new password and to confirm the new password. Click on “Reset A Password.” 

Step 5: You are taken back to the login screen to enter in your existing email address and the new password you have created.


**Additional details: 
Make sure the domain, in particular, is allowed through any firewalls, email filters, or spam blockers that you might have. Both your email address and password are case sensitive. They should contain no spaces, or other miscellaneous characters, as that will cause the “Store” to fail to recognize an email address and password.

If you are still having troubles logging into your account, submit a Technical Support ticket. 

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