How to Send a Private Message in the Forums.

A private message can be sent using Daz 3D Forums, which will not be publicly viewable. The Daz 3D Forums is a destination for learning, conversation and helping others. This is accomplished by fostering a community where each member helps another to learn various techniques for 3d modeling, texturing, posing, animating, and posting artist(s) work. 

Step 1: Login with your current email address and password. 


Step 2:  Select “Forums” from the menu bar located at the top of the webpage.


Step 3: Click on the “Gear” icon located under the “Search” box. Then select “Inbox” from the drop down list. 


Step 4: Select “New Message.” 


Step 5: Enter the user name into the recipient(s) field, that you are sending the message to. After providing the body of the message, select “Start Conversation,” and now your conversation has been sent to the designated user. 


**Additional Details: 
We reserve the right to remove any post we feel is in violation or that is NOT of specific interest to our core membership. Refer to the Daz 3D Terms of Service for further information. 

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